Goram Bloodbeard

"Blood!!! Glory!!! *erhm* Bloody Glory!!!"




History of Goram Bloodbeard

Goram Bloodbeard was the first in his family line to become a Dwarven Battle Rager (The elite shock troops of any Dwarven army known for their ferocity and fearlessness in battle). Although welcome in the midst of battle by his brethren, Goram was constantly shunned out of combat because of his jovial attitude, drunken demeanor, and his inability to grasp dwarven stoicism. “Why spend all this time making magical weapons and armor if we can’t use them when we want to?” is Goram’s motto. So when the invitation from Norfire Goldbludgeon came, Goram stormed out of Hammerfast’s hall accompanied by the chiming sound of the bells braided into his hair and beard..oh and his trusty warhammer.


Most people find Goram Bloodbeard’s constant humor to be disturbing to say the least. Whether it’s mucking through a dungeon, fighting monsters, or wheeling and dealing with dignitaries, Goram will find a way to make a pun or slide in a satirical comment. Most people who meet Goram find his demeanor to be quite the opposite of most Dwarves. Jovial where as most Dwarves are dismal, reckless instead of cautious, Goram seems out of place in Dwarven society.


As a Battle Rager, no weapon is more greatly desired than that of the Mordenkrad. Goram’s heart’s desire is to not only find such a weapon but accomplish deeds of heroism the likes of which have never been heard with the Mordenkrad.

Goram is also in search of his long lost love, Helga the Fair. She departed Hammerfast in fear that her beauty would jeapordize the hall’s safety as there had been recent raids of savage humanoids capturing the most beautiful of all the goodly folk. Helga left Hammerfast without so much as word of her intended destination. His wanderlust and his search for Helga are the two driving factors of Goram’s adventuring.

Goram despises Giants, although he acknowledges the existence of some good giants, the number of which he can count with his hand. His family comes from a long line of traders and merchants who brave traveling the Dawnforge Mountains and the perils that lie within, mainly Giant-kin. Many of his relatives have lain their lives down in defense of their trade, a fact which Goram holds Giants to be accountable for.

Goram Bloodbeard

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